Site Selection & Due Diligence

Peak has helped clients all over the country secure targeted parcels of land in order to meet project and associated infrastructure needs. The site selection is often a delicate process in that the exact tract of land needed is not always for sale. Having a firm understanding of the client’s needs for any given acquisition is critical. Peak helps clients avoid spending time on tracts that won’t meet the end acquisition criteria by using GIS to look into FEMA flood zones, mapping existing pipeline infrastructure, mapping ROWs or easements of record but not in current use, overlaying topography of the land, reviewing tax records, reviewing any district court records or suits on the land, verifying ingress and egress and road access, and consulting with local city and county departments regarding permitting and zoning for our client’s proposed use. We ensure that our clients make the right purchase and pave the way for their project’s success. For more information or for a reference from past clients on how Peak can assist your company in acquiring targeted parcels of land, give us a call!