Bankruptcy & Liens

In addition to our general due diligence service in the event of land and mineral purchases, Peak also offers assistance in the event of bankruptcy, particularly with regard to county level lien searches.  During bankruptcy proceedings or any sort of restructuring, it is important to know the current liens and mortgages of record burdening the party involved.  Performing detailed searches in both the county clerk and district clerk offices is imperative in order to capture all adverse findings.


Peak also aids in the process of securing mineral liens on behalf of clients who seek payment for labor or services previously rendered.  We will go through the steps necessary (complying with Chapter 56 of the Texas property code throughout the process) to file a lien affidavit, which is essential to ensuring the lien is secured.  In addition, we will perform notice requirements when necessary, informing all property owners a lien affidavit will be filed.  When it comes to getting paid, we want to make sure our clients are protected!