Peak Land Services


1 in 5 Americans call Texas or California home, and that is why Peak has strategically located offices in both states. With increasing energy demands and regulatory and safety challenges in both states, Peak has set up shop to help serve the Utility, ROW, and Oil and Gas industries with local land professionals. Peak has always been known for “going where the work is” and doing whatever it takes to save our clients money, time, and increase efficiency. We work in the office when we can, but love being out in the field. From small towns and rural areas to urban projects, our team gladly employs a boots on the ground approach when necessary and ensures that our clients’ projects get done on time and within budget. Choose Peak; we’re always local!

Midland, Texas

Peak Land Services has taken over 1800 oil and gas leases, right of way agreements, or surface use agreements in the Permian Basin since 2014, and completed even more open acreage reports and ownership reports.  We have crews active in the Central Platform, Delaware Basin, and Midland Basin.  We also completed a year long ROW and gathering system project which will connect multiple fields for various operators in the region.  We have worked for both publicly traded companies and small, equity-backed management teams.

Being local to where the work is becomes a cost and time advantage over other industry peers.  Peak Land has offices in Midland, Texas.  Many of our local contractors live in the West Texas Permian Basin area which cuts down on lodging and mileage costs for our clients operating in the area.  Having so many local landmen also means that our clients get more work in a given week from our group when compared to others, increasing the overall project efficiency.  We know most of the oil and gas attorneys in the Midland Basin and Delaware Basin and have strong relationships with them.  We have a great team in Midland and continue to grow our client base even with low oil prices.  Being one of the few mid-sized land service companies based in the Permian Basin is something we are very proud of.  Give us a call; we know what it takes to get results in the Permian.

Fort Worth, Texas

Peak Land’s Fort Worth office handles all of our Eastern Shelf, North Texas, East Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana activity.  We have done multiple due diligence and add-on acreage lease plays for small to mid-sized operators in the aforementioned areas.  Our Fort Worth office also helps handle projects in which we have patent to present online records and is extremely efficient in conducting remote title requests for our other crews.  By providing multiple subscriptions and access to Drilling Info, Drilling Info Courthouse, and various online records for our contractors, we are able to cut costs and increase efficiency for our clients.  While nothing can substitute for indexing in the courthouse, we have found that these tools are viable supplements to traditional courthouse work when providing a quality product.

Sacramento, California

Peak Land’s fastest growing office branch is located in Sacramento, California.  With renewable energy on the rise and a need for solid land agents to help with surface, right-of-way, and utility projects, Peak is proud to serve Northern California and other Western states.  Under the leadership of Nathan Waddell, Western Regional Manager, we are excited to help California meet the ever-changing energy, safety, and infrastructure demands that are unique to this part of the country. Peak has a fast growing Sacramento based land team that is eager to take on projects all over the state and can always be local to where the project is! Give Nathan Waddell a call and learn how Peak can increase your team’s project efficiency, and decrease overall project cost.

Denver, Colorado

Peak Land has multiple field landmen in the Denver area that help field any projects that may arise in the DJ Basin or the Bakken Shale.