Contractor Relations

Landmen Leadership Opportunities

Our Contractors

Perhaps more than anything else, we are passionate about fostering a relationship with our contractors which challenges them to reach their full potential.  As a company, we know that we are only as good as the people we hire, and we take pride in that.  Because of this, we have strived to create a culture where having fun and working hard are not mutually exclusive.

At the end of the day, this business is driven by results.  Our methods described above allow us to achieve project goals in an efficient manner.  When goals are reached, we like to reward our contractors and let them know that their work is appreciated.  One of the ways we do this is via promotion from within.

Leadership Opportunities

Because our landmen have gone through our system and worked within our culture, we naturally have an ideal pool to choose from for leadership positions when such a placement opens up.  When our landmen exhibit loyalty and produce results, we reciprocate that by eventually putting them in leadership roles with added responsibility and opportunity for growth.  This way, our landmen are able to gain additional valuable experience in the industry while garnering pride in the fact that they have taken a management role within the company.  Every situation is different, but an example of our corporate structure can be seen on this page.

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Landmen Are Valued At Peak Land Services

When this company was conceived, we wanted to be sure to set ourselves apart.  At Peak Land Services, our landmen are not treated like your “dime a dozen” contractors.  They are valued and seen as integral to the success of our company and the overall satisfaction of our clients.  Peak recognizes and rewards our leaders and top performers with things such as: paid weeks off, profit sharing, inclusion at NAPE and other trade shows (Travel, lodging, and entry fees are paid for.), and an invitation to our annual Peak Summit retreat (a corporate event where all attendees collaborate, innovate, and forecast the company’s direction and growth strategy).

By allowing our landmen to steadily climb to new positions within our company through their own merits and awarding them for their results, everyone at Peak will see value in their work and be encouraged in their endeavors.  This culture is one of the key elements that sets Peak apart and allows our company to deliver services and results to our clients “above the rest.”