Over the years, oil and gas well permitting has become much more complex, in part due to the fact that mineral tracts are being chopped up into smaller and smaller tracts with an ever-increasing number of owners. Understanding the best method of permitting in order to allow the operator to cost effectively develop their prospect is something Peak prides itself on. Understanding which type of permitting route to take can decease “non-perf” zones and increase the EUR of a well. Reducing permit approval time is also a big money-saving activity for our clients. The management team at Peak has assisted in permitting hundreds of wells and has well rounded understandings of the advantages and challenges associated with each type of permit sought. From standard permits to MIPA permits we know how to ensure that the bit hits dirt on schedule. Give us a call with any permitting questions regarding the SWR 37 process or MIPA process. We’d love to tell you what we know!