ROW Acquisition

Having purchased right of way agreements on behalf of clients all over Texas and California, our team understands how a carefully drafted and negotiated agreement can be commercial for our client while also providing the surface owner with a sense of satisfaction with the agreement. At Peak, we work with our clients to fully understand their project goals and how those goals will affect the language in our right of way agreements. Having a well-rounded knowledge of the client’s goals allows us to reach mutually beneficial agreements with surface owners, reducing time and money spent on negotiating provisions that don’t matter to one party or another. From small projects to multi-year county/state wide projects, we have the management team to successfully complete them. We use the latest GIS technology to manage our large-scale ROW projects, creating intuitive visualizations of the ROW line status. This allows in-house managers the ability to quickly make real time decisions, reroute lines, or understand where their resources are being spent. By utilizing GIS mapping solutions, our in-house team and field land agents also stay in the know. From temporary construction easements to pipeline rights of way, we know how to get results. Give us a call to learn more about our right of way services in Texas and California.