Sacramento Team Expands under Leadership of Nathan Waddell

May 19, 2020
by Peak Land Services

Peak Land Services is proud to announce that we have recently expanded our California office in order to grow our services in the right of way and utilities space. Having worked in the land business throughout Texas our team has built the foundation and processes to help tackle the everchanging complexities of land rights in the Western United States. We are excited to help our industry partners in meeting the energy, safety, and infrastructure demands that are unique to this part of the country!

Under the leadership of Nathan Waddell, Western Regional Manager, we hope to continue to help build and protect the communities in which we work. We asked our newest addition to the Peak Leadership team a couple of questions and we wanted to share his responses!


Q: Nathan, you have worked extensively in Texas and California. What are your biggest takeaways from both experiences?

A: While they share some similarities, Texas and California have both been very different experiences with different challenges. The Permian Basin has been a very competitive place to be a landman for the last few years. There are a lot of different companies competing to acquire, lease, and drill land in finite areas. This makes the ability to meet timelines, be diligent with landowners, and be efficient when running title very important. Being a landman in the Permian Basin is a fast-paced job that requires constant results.

Working for a big client in California, such as PG&E, also requires a fast-paced work style. However, I’d say the biggest takeaway from working in California is the diverse makeup of the state. One day you are working with a landowner in a rural orchard, the next day you are researching land rights in a densely populated city where there are ROWs, easements, and parcels going every which way. On top of that, California has a much more diverse geography and more environmental regulations, making land work increasingly challenging. Being successful in California and the Western United States takes a land team which can adapt and grow with the everchanging land issues.


Q: Nathan, Peak has a laid-back culture, but yet they stress results above the rest.” Will you speak to this a little more?

A: This question really encompasses what Peak is all about. It is a “work hard, play hard” type of mentality that is promoted at all Peak Land Services offices. A 10-hour day in the office doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t providing quality results for your client. Efficiency is key at Peak Land Services. Get your work done in an efficient and effective manner, so you can enjoy other parts of your life. I can honestly say this is what I’ve experienced at Peak Land Services since day one. In addition, there is a general camaraderie and trust that the company has which makes up the culture. We are all willing to help each other when a new project comes in. If I don’t have direct experience in a particular area, I’m confident I can get assistance from one of my team members in short time. We are a very collaborative group which I think helps us get more done.

Q: Nathan, why do you think the Western office along with the rest of the Peak management team have what it takes to get results more efficiently and cost effectively without sacrificing quality when compared to competitors in the Western Region?

A: I think Peak Land Services is used to operating in a more crowded space than our competitors in California. Land brokerages, big and small, are present all over Texas.

Oil and gas companies have far more choices when it comes to picking a company to complete their land work. Peak Land Services has had to be more cost effective and efficient to operate in Texas successfully. Our goal is to carry on that cost effectiveness and efficiency to clients in the Western Region of the United States. Land companies are few and far between in California.

Furthermore, most of these companies don’t have access to high quality land professionals. Being born in Texas, we have access to land professionals who have spent years in the industry and most likely have gone to school to become a land agent.


Q: What keeps you motivated to provide your clients with the highest level of quality and detail in your work?  What drives you?

A: Usually surface and utility land work means big projects. Putting a pipeline from here to there. Installing a wind farm in this location. Researching land rights to help complete a big safety project. Knowing that we are usually a part of a big project, which adds value to the energy grid in some way, gets us fired up. When we provide high quality work to our clients, we know that work helped in the completion of something that benefits many people. The work might mostly be behind the scenes, but in the scope of it, we know the work makes a difference.