Identifying Open Acreage

identifying open acreage land services midland tx

We Specialize In Identifying Open Acreage

Every potential land play begins with the same question: “Is the land open and available to lease?” In order to answer this question, Peak Land Services utilizes a systematic approach which includes the following:

  • general production research (if there is any production)
  • lease checks
  • analyzing current production information as it pertains to the active leases (if any)
  • deciphering Pugh language in order to find possible severances (horizontal or vertical)
  • looking for any clause in the lease(s) which may cause the lease(s) to lapse as to all or any portion of the subject lands

Our ability to find open acreage is something which we pride ourselves on, as it is many times the first step toward the end goal of a successful project for our clients. To get started identifying open acreage and any other provided services, contact Peak Land Services today.